Thursday, December 25, 2003

Christmas message to all

Well Roxie77 campers...

It's that time of year to sit back, spend time with our families & reflect on the events of the past year.'s that time to sit back, shun the world as we know it, and eat as much sugar and red meat (good timing by the way...thanks mad cow!) as humanly possible... Or it's just time to work your little butt off to try and mail as many Roxie77 CD's out before the close of 2003 and stress, stress, stress!! Not to say that either of the previous to things have ANY thing to do with me, but..... it's gonna be a kick ass 2004! (and I would like to bring back the expression "kick-ass" in "04...

I just want to thank all of you that have been so supportive on the site and at the shows, and through the cards and letters and everything! I will do what ever it takes to get this thing to the next level, and I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you guys being the very first ones to give the thumbs up and be in on the ground floor of something that is just starting to build itself up! A very heart-felt thanks from our family to yours...

So from all of us here to all of you, I think the verses below say it better then I ever could. And by some weird coincidence a guy named Lennon wrote it! Ha....enjoy, and enjoy the coming year!

Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
John Lennon & Yoko Ono

So this is Christmas
And what have you done?
Another year over
And a new one just begun
And so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun
The near and the dear one
The old and the young

A very Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear

And so this is Christmas
For weak and for strong
For rich and the poor ones
The world is so wrong
And so this is Christmas
For black and for white
For yellow and red ones
Let's stop all the fight

A very Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear

So this is Christmas
And what have you done?
Another year over
And a new one just begun
And so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun
The near and the dear one
The old and the young

A very Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear

War is over!
If you want it
War is over!

Friday, December 12, 2003

Roxie77 Limited Edition numbers extended!

Hello from Camp Roxie77 (mind the Poison Ivy).

The response to the "Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Roxie77 CD: Peace, Love & Armageddon" has been overwhelming! So much so that all we have been doing here is answering e-mail after e-mail asking to be one of the few. So we have decided to extend the final number to accommodate all these requests. The total number will now be 177, so ya see it's still a very small number of you that will be part of Roxie history.

Just to clarify the ones who did get in before the original number (77) was reached will have the lower numbers (it's only fair you did act fast!).

So if you have been on the fence, thought they were all gone, can't find (or afford) that Burnt Orange 'Vette that your brother wants or have a friend that would like a copy now's the time.

Thx for all the support & we hope you enjoy the music that Roxie holds so near & dear to his heart.

Ordering info:

Send a "pre-order" e-mail to: stating how many copies you would like to purchase along with your name.

Then, follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail (will be like the one below) & your all set.

Send $15.00 (plus $2.00 US/Canada - $4 Intl. shipping and handling) cash, check or
money orders (U.S funds) made out to: Roxie CD
Please make sure to include your name & postal address when you send payment.

Send to:
Ryan Roxie 77
PO Box 5309
N. Hollywood, CA.

If you'd like to sign up for the Official Roxie77 mailing list
(my AOL account will be closing soon) please come to
and sign up if you haven't already!

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

THE Roxie77 CD pre-release is here!!

Seasons Greetings-

So ya can't decide between the George Forman Grill™ or the Old Spice Soap on a Rope™ about this year giving the gift that keeps on giving. No... not Herpes! How about the debut Roxie77 Album: Peace, Love, & Armageddon!?!

That's right, the good people over at Camp Roxie77 have been working overtime, just like the elves, to bring you a specially numbered series of the official "pre-release" of the Roxie77 CD, & how many numbered copies will be available? You guessed it, 77!

So act now & be the first to lambaste or glorify the 11 song collection of all new Roxie77 music including: Second Chances, My Girlfriend, Control Freak & many more classics (well...maybe not classics yet...).

How to order:

Send a "pre-order" e-mail to

Send $15 dollars (plus $2 dollars shipping and handling) cash, check, or money orders made out to: Roxie CD
Send to:
Ryan Roxie 77
PO Box 5309
N. Hollywood, CA.

Please include the address you would like the CD to be sent to and that's all there is to it.....see, already easier and less time-consuming then baking a fruit cake!

So there you have it, cheaper then a pair of Zirconium Ear Rings & more infectious then this years flu strain it's
Roxie77: Peace, Love, & Armageddon... A year round classic!

For more info on the Roxie77 CD pre-release offer and up to date Roxie77 news visit

Happy Holidaze!
Hopefully see you sometime in the next 365 days....

Cheers! Roxie 77

Monday, November 24, 2003

The Mole Report: From Cuba, with Love....

Greetings....I am the Mole!

Sounds like the beginning of a James Bond flick you thought you might have missed on TNT's 007 week.....But not to worry, it's just how I spent that last couple of weeks with the family after "The Eyes" have temporarily shut, but rumored to be opening yet again for a tour beginning next year....But that is yet another adventure. For now, here is my report on our own little communist friends that ALSO reside in North America!

I've got to admit that my knowledge of Cuba and the Cuban people had been limited to repeated viewings of The Godfather Pt. 2, Scarface, and I Love Lucy reruns...But after spending time there, I come away with a new found respect for the people and the island (yes, I admit, I wasn't even sure it was an island 10 days ago!)..... I'm not sure if I'm ready to suit up in Army Green fatigues and sit along side the legends of Fidel and Che, but I am growing a beard and brought back some Cuban Cigars and plan on giving them a try with the guys while we plan the a new revolution of the Cat Club......we'll see what happens after the cigars.....

The Cubans dance amazingly, yet are not allowed in the same clubs as the tourists....sort of like Footloose (and you thought Patrick Swazey and Cuba had nothing in common!) The Cuban people are surprisingly optimistic even though they have basically been "sent up to their room without dinner by their parents" for over 40 years....You really DO feel like you've stepped into a bit of a time warp....Cubans drive no car that was built before 1959, but that's okay, because they have all the coolest 50's American Classics! Ironic? Yes!....Plus, the fashion, colors, weather and basic good nature of the people make you feel like you are on the set of a Michael Jackson music video (not a Michael Jackson private video....bummer.....)

Soooooo....that's a little of how I've been staying busy during the break in The Eyes of Alice Cooper tour...but not to say that's it's just been global traveling, eating, and experimenting with facial that is just been about all there is to say.....Dammit! Say something!.....

Oh yeah, we've been busy bustin' our asses to get the Roxie77 CD completed and ready by the beginning of early 2004. The dream of watching the Hilton/Olsen sister 4-way and having Roxie77 out by Dec.25th is just a little bit more then I think any of us could handle, so trust me.....we'll get the Roxie77 out to you ASAP and you'll have to keep combing the Internet for the Hilton/Olsen Photoshop miracle.

Also, in other AC news, major congrats going out to the Godfather of Glam for getting his well deserved Hollywood Star in know that's a photo op I can't miss......And by the way, I really hope to see some of you out there at the Christmas Pudding that Cheryl Cooper and Alice put on with the Solid rock foundation in Arizona this coming Dec. 19th I believe it is......

And what about you local yokels, or anyone one visiting lovely La-La Land sometime in the next month....feeling lonely? Well, come and get just a bit more lonelier at the Cat Club on any given Thursday where the Usual Suspects are playing the Usual Set List but having an Unusually good time (Usually at your expense!)......

So I've filled up my quota of using the word "Usual"....and basically tapped my late night brain out and must now go watch a Jenna Jameson "self-help" video to take a step back and reflect on what the hell I just wrote!...

In the meantime, have the best Holiday Season and thanks for all the emails and kind words and over all support in a time when even though my football team sucks and it would take more then a Beautiful Mind to figure out how to mathematically get into the playoffs, I'm happy as hell to watch the game with Lennon, win or lose, 'cause life's good....and sometimes it takes going to another place to experience their world and what they have and don't have to really appreciate everything you've got right here at home!....

Peace, Love, and The Olsen Twins,

AKA: The Mole

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Are you up for this?

The Unofficial Aftershow Party of the:
Concert at The BEACON THEATER in NYC

Monday, October 27, 2003

Don Hill's
511 Greenwich St. at Spring St.
New York City

Performing live are very special guests:



Tuesday, October 14, 2003

The Eyes of Alice Cooper Tour 2003!

Greetings, I am the Mole!!!

Well, well, well.......when the United Cooper Nation says they are gonna come out and support ain't lyin'! And believe you me, your undying support for the new record and this current tour has not gone unnoticed by the Eye's of Alice Cooper as well as the rest of the band.... we salute you for making "The Eye's" one of the most successful Coop albums in years...The album started to chart on billboards top 200 this week, and the response to all the new songs at the live shows has been incredible....thanks to you~

But to coin a familiar phrase of the boss's: "We still got a long way to go!" The mole (as well as the rest of the crew) will not rest until we have shaken every sick things hand and hear a song from the new record at least once on AM radio!

We understand in this world of Satellite Radio, Napster, and iPods it's easier to download a Coop track rather then call up the radio station and request it....BUT....since we are "Stuck somewhere between High school and Old school" we are asking ya'll to take the Old school route just once on the way to work this week! If you have a favorite radio station that plays Rock music....give em a call...tell 'em you wanna hear the NEW Alice Cooper....heck, you can even drop my name and tell 'em the MOLE made ya call!

As for those of you that haven't made it out to any of the shows yet.....we look forward to meeting you and spreading the Eye Love all around.... You know us, bring us your broken rental agreement or an old Eagles 8-track, we'll sign it! But I gotta tell ya, there's nothing better then signing the new record with the bands picture on the back cover....and the good news's the same band out here on the road! No fakey signatures....Ha!

Sooooo......just who is the special guest "Madonna" every night? We know that Brittany bears a slight resemblance to Nurse Rosetta....but what lurks underneath the face of Madonna only the shadow (and the mole) could be you!.... And what about those Cops? Very controlling (hint, hint) indeed..... New Snake, Old Snake, real Snake???
All these questions and more are answered at your local Alice Cooper Rock Show coming to an arena or casino near you!

That's all from the Mole at this time.....thanks for calling me out at the shows and picking me to be your inside source for all the facts, fiction, and fantasy that is "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" tour 2003....till next time....

The Mole

Friday, September 12, 2003

The following statement released by the MOLE!

My Dearest AC underground,

I am the Mole! Whether you are a permanent inhabitant of this Concrete Jungle Metropolis we like to call Hollywood, or you are just visiting here from Lansing Michigan to take your picture beside the Peter Frampton Star on the Walk of Fame (yes, he has one) .......we've got some good news for you. By the way, on the subject of Hollywood Starz...Don't worry...Alice is due to get his own star in 2004!

So....if that $12.99 that you've already got saved is burning a hole in your pocket because you just can't wait for the Sept. 23rd release date of "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" would you like to come and see the Coop perform one of the new tracks from the disc live? And you won't have to spend your $12.99 (or however much the CD costs) just's FREE!!!

The Alice Cooper Band will be taping the show next Tuesday, Sept. 16th for The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.It will air soon after so check your local listings... Go here to find out more about free tickets for the taping ....and by all means....bring a friend!

If you can't make the taping, we'll come to you sometime in know it! Remember, you heard it here first.....why? Because...

Thursday, September 04, 2003

A Year in the So. Called life of Camp Roxie...

Dear Friends, Family, and Camp Roxie Kin-

This week is a very special one. A year ago this week, I was literally FREAKIN' about all that would come with the arrival of one small package. Questions like: Could I handle the responsibility of such an important package? Where would we all be in a year? How could so many people STILL be watching "who wants to be a millionaire?".

Well, friends, the Package came in the form of one Lennon Roxie, and during the week that we are celebrating his big 0-1, we are all still residing on planet Earth (although Mars looks like it's getting suspiciously close) and guess what, "who want's to be a millionaire" is still on the air. Unbelievable!

I guess I just wanted to write ya'll and say thanks for all the kind words that you have given Me and my Family over this past incredible year. I guess I could say Me and my Posse (but I'm not even sure that word is even hip anymore. What do I know, I watch VH1 classic) Or, I guess I could say Me and my fellow Commune (although we haven't officially moved to Sweden yet to start the commune...but you are invited when we do!) Bottom line, the support you've given over the last year has been very heartfelt and much appreciated. From all the donations that you gave to The Art of Elysium when I shredded the dreads, to all the hello's and beautiful gifts we received for Lennon when we were out there with The Coop on this past first guys really do more then merely observe. You react, and I respect that big time.

Sooooooo.....we ask ourselves, "What now?" I've actually tried something lately that seems to be working: I've stopped asking myself, "What now?" You see, I really didn't expect to have a hand in the writing (along with Eric Dover and AC himself) and recording of the new Alice Cooper record. It was always one of the things I always had wanted to do, but the minute I stopped thinking about when, why, and how it would ever happen, it just happened. The record comes out Sept. 23rd and is titled, "The Eyes of Alice Cooper". If you'd like more info about the upcoming record and the supporting tour, feel free to drop by the Coops site at (like ya didn't already have that site bookmarked!)

The same band that recorded the record will be out on this tour (which might be a first since the 70's) and the band includes:

Alice Cooper: Vocals
Eric Dover: Guitar, b. vocals
Chuck Garric: Bass guitar, b. vocals
Roxie : Guitar, b. vocals
Eric Singer: Drums, Gong

The amazing Teddy Zigzag played keys, percussion, and accordion all over the record, but will not be on the Bare Bones tour only guess is that because the tour is called "Bare Bones"! We miss ya out there with us Teddy, we'll see you next time. And for all of you coming out to the shows, you know we'll be out there shaking as many hands as possible and signing anything that will accept Sharpie Ink.

Chuck and I are still doing the deal with IMG (Internet Musicians Group) and will be offering Bass and Guitar lessons while we are out there. If you would like to schedule a lesson with either of us, you can contact them at IMG Guitar Lesson Offer.

And at last (and the last thing I'm gonna hype up before I start sounding like a late-night infomercial), I have been making a huge effort to finish up the recording of the very first Roxie 77 album. I can 99.9% guarantee that it will be mixed, mastered, & shrink-wrapped just in time for the Holiday season. The recording of this past Alice record really lit a fire underneath my Roxie77 ass, and I'm really happy with the way things are sounding. We've got a lot of friends lending their talents and expertise to the record, so I think you're gonna like it. Check out for all the updates, or just wait for me to start knocking on your front door. I'm putting this record out for you guys, because you guys are the ones that have allowed me to do what I love to do many more years then the average football career. (The average football career for an NFL player is 3.2 years by the way!) So when you get it, please fill in your name on the thank you list in the space provided......

So I'll end this email by ripping off a Roxie 77 quote in one of our songs (which I'm sure I ripped off from somewhere else) because it fits with the whole 365 day theme that I started the email off with. Here goes:

One more year.....we're still here.
One more year ....still in this Draggin' town
Where they eat you up, and spit you out
They never had a second doubt
That you're more then what your name tag reads.....
God knows, you're more then that to me.

-Roxie 77 (taken from 1 More Day)

Peace, Love, and Lennon Nils Saxby Roxie!

see ya soon,


Tuesday, August 26, 2003

So it's been awhile.....sue me!

Hello to all out there.....thought I might have forgotten about you?? No wayyy....I just think that a few of you out there might have forgotten about little ol me,.....I am the mole!!

So I'm back to tell you thanks for all the support that you AC fanatics gave us on the first leg of the Bare Bones Tour 2003.....are ya ready for more?! We sure are, and be rest assured, we'll be playing a bunch of new ones off the upcoming release, The Eyes of Alice Cooper...... by now you probably know more about the release dates and tour dates then I see, I've been working my mole ass off (yes, we moles have butts) trying to get this Roxie 77 album finished in time to take it with me on the next leg of the AC tour so you all will have twice the music for your listening wish me luck as I venture on back into the studio to tweak and knob turn till my fingers bleed....I bleed for you!!

Long live Rock and the eternal dream of the big rock show! see you out there friends!

aka the mole!

Monday, July 07, 2003

Alice Cooper Diary- from the road!

Alice Cooper Diary- from the road!

Well here I am...the mole!! Out on the road and in an Austrian hotel office at 3 a.m. Learning how to re type a few of the letters because the computer keybords are a bit different layout opposed to the U.S. ones...but here goes anywaz....typing errors and all!!..

Day 7 of the Alice Cooper bare bones tour 2003, and I must say that the European fans have been nothing short of brilliant these past shows...thanks soooo much for the cheers, and I'am so happy to hear you all and see the looks on your faces when we bust into songs like "Long way to go" or "Serious"!! You all in the front rows (and you know who you are!) treat us so right by singing all the words...Thanks, thanks, and double thanks! Playing with Iron Maiden at the GrassPop festival was a little rock in roll dream come true the other well as having the honor to play Liverpool...

I wish we had more time after the shows to meet and greet every single one of you out there....but I'll try harder and harder to keep making things better and better and keep rockin and rolling....I'd like to take credit for that quote, but it was taken from Dirk Digler who was paraphrasing Brock Landers in Boogie Nights....just one of the many movies on the bus that we are watching on our all night drives...

Thanks for having us Europe!! We'll be in the States soon and hopefully back here just as soon as "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" is released!! I'm living and loving it all! The sights, the smells, and the food of the great European Utopia!

Hope to talk to ya at one of the shows....don't be shy, come on up and say hello! I'll give ya a red or a blue pick! ha!
..bye for now, typo's and all!!

The mole,
aka, Peter Kensington
aaka, Roxie

Monday, June 30, 2003

Alice Cooper Diary- Day what ever!....We're in the home stretch now!....

Helloooo.....I am the MOLE!!!...or at least I have one, just like Cindy Crawford....

Soooooo..... we are at the stage of the Album making process where the Cake has been cooking in the oven, cooled off just a bit, and now it's time to slap on the frostin'!! And man, are you guys gonna love the flavor of this one!.....

When was the last time you heard an Alice with clarinet on it? Been a few years, yeah? and to top it off, the clarinet is creepy.... How about a horn section a la "from the inside" days ... or how about some accordion (yes, I said accordion....And I'll say it again, accordion), or some wurlitzer and Hammond B-3....and even a guitar tuned to the key of L.......ask Dover about that one! Don't worry, there will be plenty, and I mean plenty of guitars and vocals to sweetly saw your head off....but all this other stuff supports it beautifully and really sets the songs apart and makes it start sounding like a record with many faces....probably not unlike the girl you took home last week, you dirty dog!....

Ask yourself, feeling lucky? Hope so, cause I want to see ya out there at some of these live shows....and I want you to scream out for just one new song...the set list isn't set in stone just yet, and the Coop told me himself about how cool would it be to play a song that no one has ever heard live before?....Your town might be the town ... keep screaming, and keep believing....thanks for staying up on what's up with the up and up's of Alice Cooper.....It's been a good time keepin' ya'll informed from the eye of the hurricane....maybe I'll just have to Mole it on the road and send you in some news from time to time...interested? And with that said...... we're off to the U.K.!!!

Peace Love & Spirits Rebellious.....what else could you possibly want from me?....bye bye Baby! Clues, Clues, everywhere there's Clues!!

Roxie (aka The Mole)

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Alice Cooper Diary- Day 21

Greetings....I am the MOLE!!

The new Alice Cooper record is just about ready to go into the mixing faze....the band is finishing laying some overdubs (not many, mind's a pretty raw, exciting, energetic record!.....wait that sounds like I'm hyping myself and my bandmates..??...Ok, I am! Ha!) sooooooo....

Mr. Zig Zag came in to lay some great textures on the tracks....he even laid down some accordian for an extra creepy vibe to one track (who says we didn't throw in the kitchen sink on this one!) And the Godfather producer of all the huge AC records, Bob Ezrin, came into the studio and provided some great suggestions..... It seems as though Mr. Ezrin and the Mudrock see eye to eye on the direction of the record, so when you get an endorsement from a guy as highly respected as Bob Ezrin, it really makes ya feel good about the way things are going...all the hours, late nights, early mornings seem to pay off....but the REAL pay off will be to play these songs for all of you....

Thanks for the many title suggestions coming in....I know that The COOP has a few (strike that, 1,000!) ideas of his own coming into his head, so when he decides on the perfect title for this record, I'm sure it will be the right one...... and where do you think you will hear it first???? You got it....stay tuned! Until next to rehearse for the tour...

The MOLe

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Alice Cooper Diary- Day 15

I am the Mole!!!

An entire record recorded in 2 weeks? They say it can't be done....but that my friend is the way Rock records are supposed to be done! Muddrock and Fredrock are kickin out the jams with his monster sounds ( a little clue there, to one of the more glam-driven tracks on the album.....nod nod to the MC-5!) and the Coop is beltin' it out like he was (dare we say......say it!) 18 again!!...But this time, I think he KNOWS what he wants...

There are so many skins on this record to all the different layers of Alice Cooper shown, this record should be called "Onion".....but seriously, what should it be called? Alice, has a lot of great titles in his head, and I'm not saying a word.....or am I? Hmmmm.....the secrecy and intrigue continues.....or does it? STOP TALKING LIKE THAT!!!....ok ok...the mole is back....this Record is stuck somewhere between Highschool and the Old school, which means it will be the type of album you will listen to along with your kids, or at least one of you out there, your GRANDkid!!!!...

Whether it's the clandestine creepiness of a Haunted House, or the all out aggression of a BackyardBrawl there is something for everyone on's the new Coop record, and I couldn't be any happier to be a part of it.....or could I? STOP!!!!

The Mole

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Alice Cooper Recording Diary- Day 10

I am the mole! Well, well, well...The Rock is in full effect at this point.....the Coop is singing in rare form, and we've got 14 tracks ready to go....we just gotta put some more guitars and frosting on the cake so to speak....Any of you out there like guitar and some fuzz box? Eric Dover will rip your skull off with the skills he's showing, and Eric Singer is playing like a Mack Truck Driver strung out on Crystal Meth.....the new guy, Chuck Gerrig, is a sweet surprise and playing exactly what this record calls for...and as for me...this is the best time I've had recording an album since the first time! No Lie....I'm playing every guitar I've ever owned, stomping on every pedal I wish I owned, and blowing up amps I no longer own!....

It's a good Summer, and hopefully it's just gonna get better with the Bare Bones Tour on the way...

Would ya like to hear a new one out on the road this summer? Scream it out, and the Coop will hear ya!

Remember, we are all ......stuck somewhere between Highschool and the Old School!....Till next time!

Lady Rock,

The Mole....

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Alice Cooper Recording Diary- Day 7

I am the Mole!

I have never seen Alice sing vocals as well as he has been these last couple of days...9 songs in the can, and more to come on band day when we record on Monday....ya see the way it works is that happy Monday's & Thursdays are band days where everyone gets stuffed into a tiny room, and our producer pushes up the thermostat in the room so that we can barely breath....that way, we have to get the take done right, and sometimes right the first or second time....

There is a song that came together rather quickly which sometimes happens when things are going well...and this one might be one of my favorites for this's tentatively called "Backyard Brawl", and it's a pretty aggressive 2 minute and 50 second barrage of guitars and vocals a la "Drive me Nervous"......Calico guest vocals on the chorus', let me know if you hear her!

The Coop also has a great ballad recorded in the spirit of John Lennon that is called Be with You.... looking forward to hearing the finished mix on that.....

What were you thinking? Strippers and Gin?'s Ping-Pong and the NBA & Stanley Cup finals, but I'll let cha know if any come a knockin' until then...

Mole out....

Thursday, June 12, 2003

I am the Mole!

Greetings to anyone that is interested in reading about and becoming a part of making an old school Alice Cooper record....

It is now Day 5 of the recording process, and I gotta say, I've never seen Alice as excited about anything as I have about this new record...

For those of you that are wondering what kind of record it's gonna be, just think of "Love it to Death" as the blueprint! The songs are fast, aggressive, and surprizingly short.....lot's of 3 minute rock gems (hopefully...)

The band is being produced by the one and only Mudrock (he produced the first two Godsmack records, as well as many others), and he is recording the band completely live... which is something that Alice insisted on since the beginning. In fact, Alice had been saying he wanted to make a Garage rock n' roll record for a couple of years now....and ya can't get anymore garage then this one.....most of what we put down live stays to tape...except for a few fix's here and there.....meaning very few overdubs...meaning ENERGY!!

So.......Day 5, and we have 5 tracks in the can..... We've got some velvet ropers dropping by to check things out, so I'll include a list of the celebs that come on by the studio in a later post....

What do YOU think the Album title should be? Alice has a bunch of ideas boppin' around his head, so the final title is not set in stone at this nano-second...any suggestions????....

That should leave ya with just a taste of what's to come with the Alice Cooper Record Diary- Summer of '03!

Off to the studio now for another day of Band Tracking....remember, I am the Mole and hope to give you a little glimpse from the inside....take care and see ya next post...

Tell a friend and always come on back to: for the latest.....

Peter "the mole" Kensington

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

It has begun....