Monday, July 07, 2003

Alice Cooper Diary- from the road!

Alice Cooper Diary- from the road!

Well here I am...the mole!! Out on the road and in an Austrian hotel office at 3 a.m. Learning how to re type a few of the letters because the computer keybords are a bit different layout opposed to the U.S. ones...but here goes anywaz....typing errors and all!!..

Day 7 of the Alice Cooper bare bones tour 2003, and I must say that the European fans have been nothing short of brilliant these past shows...thanks soooo much for the cheers, and I'am so happy to hear you all and see the looks on your faces when we bust into songs like "Long way to go" or "Serious"!! You all in the front rows (and you know who you are!) treat us so right by singing all the words...Thanks, thanks, and double thanks! Playing with Iron Maiden at the GrassPop festival was a little rock in roll dream come true the other well as having the honor to play Liverpool...

I wish we had more time after the shows to meet and greet every single one of you out there....but I'll try harder and harder to keep making things better and better and keep rockin and rolling....I'd like to take credit for that quote, but it was taken from Dirk Digler who was paraphrasing Brock Landers in Boogie Nights....just one of the many movies on the bus that we are watching on our all night drives...

Thanks for having us Europe!! We'll be in the States soon and hopefully back here just as soon as "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" is released!! I'm living and loving it all! The sights, the smells, and the food of the great European Utopia!

Hope to talk to ya at one of the shows....don't be shy, come on up and say hello! I'll give ya a red or a blue pick! ha!
..bye for now, typo's and all!!

The mole,
aka, Peter Kensington
aaka, Roxie