Friday, September 12, 2003

The following statement released by the MOLE!

My Dearest AC underground,

I am the Mole! Whether you are a permanent inhabitant of this Concrete Jungle Metropolis we like to call Hollywood, or you are just visiting here from Lansing Michigan to take your picture beside the Peter Frampton Star on the Walk of Fame (yes, he has one) .......we've got some good news for you. By the way, on the subject of Hollywood Starz...Don't worry...Alice is due to get his own star in 2004!

So....if that $12.99 that you've already got saved is burning a hole in your pocket because you just can't wait for the Sept. 23rd release date of "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" would you like to come and see the Coop perform one of the new tracks from the disc live? And you won't have to spend your $12.99 (or however much the CD costs) just's FREE!!!

The Alice Cooper Band will be taping the show next Tuesday, Sept. 16th for The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.It will air soon after so check your local listings... Go here to find out more about free tickets for the taping ....and by all means....bring a friend!

If you can't make the taping, we'll come to you sometime in know it! Remember, you heard it here first.....why? Because...

Thursday, September 04, 2003

A Year in the So. Called life of Camp Roxie...

Dear Friends, Family, and Camp Roxie Kin-

This week is a very special one. A year ago this week, I was literally FREAKIN' about all that would come with the arrival of one small package. Questions like: Could I handle the responsibility of such an important package? Where would we all be in a year? How could so many people STILL be watching "who wants to be a millionaire?".

Well, friends, the Package came in the form of one Lennon Roxie, and during the week that we are celebrating his big 0-1, we are all still residing on planet Earth (although Mars looks like it's getting suspiciously close) and guess what, "who want's to be a millionaire" is still on the air. Unbelievable!

I guess I just wanted to write ya'll and say thanks for all the kind words that you have given Me and my Family over this past incredible year. I guess I could say Me and my Posse (but I'm not even sure that word is even hip anymore. What do I know, I watch VH1 classic) Or, I guess I could say Me and my fellow Commune (although we haven't officially moved to Sweden yet to start the commune...but you are invited when we do!) Bottom line, the support you've given over the last year has been very heartfelt and much appreciated. From all the donations that you gave to The Art of Elysium when I shredded the dreads, to all the hello's and beautiful gifts we received for Lennon when we were out there with The Coop on this past first guys really do more then merely observe. You react, and I respect that big time.

Sooooooo.....we ask ourselves, "What now?" I've actually tried something lately that seems to be working: I've stopped asking myself, "What now?" You see, I really didn't expect to have a hand in the writing (along with Eric Dover and AC himself) and recording of the new Alice Cooper record. It was always one of the things I always had wanted to do, but the minute I stopped thinking about when, why, and how it would ever happen, it just happened. The record comes out Sept. 23rd and is titled, "The Eyes of Alice Cooper". If you'd like more info about the upcoming record and the supporting tour, feel free to drop by the Coops site at (like ya didn't already have that site bookmarked!)

The same band that recorded the record will be out on this tour (which might be a first since the 70's) and the band includes:

Alice Cooper: Vocals
Eric Dover: Guitar, b. vocals
Chuck Garric: Bass guitar, b. vocals
Roxie : Guitar, b. vocals
Eric Singer: Drums, Gong

The amazing Teddy Zigzag played keys, percussion, and accordion all over the record, but will not be on the Bare Bones tour only guess is that because the tour is called "Bare Bones"! We miss ya out there with us Teddy, we'll see you next time. And for all of you coming out to the shows, you know we'll be out there shaking as many hands as possible and signing anything that will accept Sharpie Ink.

Chuck and I are still doing the deal with IMG (Internet Musicians Group) and will be offering Bass and Guitar lessons while we are out there. If you would like to schedule a lesson with either of us, you can contact them at IMG Guitar Lesson Offer.

And at last (and the last thing I'm gonna hype up before I start sounding like a late-night infomercial), I have been making a huge effort to finish up the recording of the very first Roxie 77 album. I can 99.9% guarantee that it will be mixed, mastered, & shrink-wrapped just in time for the Holiday season. The recording of this past Alice record really lit a fire underneath my Roxie77 ass, and I'm really happy with the way things are sounding. We've got a lot of friends lending their talents and expertise to the record, so I think you're gonna like it. Check out for all the updates, or just wait for me to start knocking on your front door. I'm putting this record out for you guys, because you guys are the ones that have allowed me to do what I love to do many more years then the average football career. (The average football career for an NFL player is 3.2 years by the way!) So when you get it, please fill in your name on the thank you list in the space provided......

So I'll end this email by ripping off a Roxie 77 quote in one of our songs (which I'm sure I ripped off from somewhere else) because it fits with the whole 365 day theme that I started the email off with. Here goes:

One more year.....we're still here.
One more year ....still in this Draggin' town
Where they eat you up, and spit you out
They never had a second doubt
That you're more then what your name tag reads.....
God knows, you're more then that to me.

-Roxie 77 (taken from 1 More Day)

Peace, Love, and Lennon Nils Saxby Roxie!

see ya soon,