Saturday, December 17, 2005

From Dirty Diamonds to Dirty Diapers

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Roxie's Big Rock Show

Just in time for Christmas...the gift that keeps on giving (no, it's not herpes!!)'s Roxie's Big Rock Show episode #6..."From Dirty Diamonds to Dirty Diapers" featuring part 2 of the exclusive interview with the Godfather of Shock Rock, Alice Cooper. PLUS...a brand nu unreleased Roxie77 song...a classic song from classic band YOU might not of heard of...a brand new B.R.S. email challenge...all of that plus OMPALOOMPAS!?! now!

originally aired 12/18/05

Running time: 0:32:27

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Roxie's Big Rock Show Episode #5
The Cooper Chronicles Pt.1

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Roxie's Big Rock Show

The long-awaited exclusive interview with the Godfather of Shock Rock, Alice Cooper. Plus a song for the Troops from Roxie, music from Elegantly Wasted and Ygnwie goes nuts!

originally aired 10/23/05

Running time: 0:33:00

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Episode #4 Lost in America with Alice Cooper and Cheap Trick

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Roxie's Big Rock Show

Featuring special guest interview with Rick Nielsen and Bun E. Carlos plus an exclusive unveiling of an A.C. hidden track "The Sharpest Pain"

originally aired 09/09/05

Running time: 0:33:07

Monday, August 08, 2005

Episode #3 "Bring me something special from Europe"

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Roxie's Big Rock Show -

Roxie plays music from his past and your future. This episode's interview is with the eldest spawn of Alice Cooper, none other than Calico Cooper.

originally aired 08/08/2005

Running time: 0:33:13

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Episode #2 - The Search for Vegamite

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Roxie's Big Rock Show

This Podcast takes place down under in Australia and in the way of the catering staff.
The featured interview is with the man the myth the midget....Eric Singer!!

originally aired - 07/20/2005

Running time: 0:34:04

Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Wait Is Over!!!

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The first show, the debut, numero uno call it what ya like but, don't call me late for dinner!

Roxie's Big Rock Show

The debut show , Roxie plays some great tunes, talks about life & interviews his best friend/bass player Stefan Adika. No one is safe when Stefan talks but, all are loved.

originally aired 07/07/2005

Running time: 0:31:42

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


"Coming to you somewhere between Stockholm and Los Angeles, It's ROXIE'S BIG ROCK SHOW.....'cause wherever you are is the place to be...." 07/07/05 is the "BIG RAWK SHOW" debut!

Now the details on how to get in on this. If yer 12 years old or own a MAC leave the room because this will be boring for you. For the rest of you 13+ yrs & on WINDOWS try using Doppler to "tune-in" to download the client. It's really easy to setup & add feeds.

BTW... the url for my feed is

Tune in on 07/07/05 for the official launch of the show!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Mole Report: "Dirty Diamonds are Forever" Tour '05

"Here I go again on my own......going down the only road I've ever known...."- Do you know just how difficult it was to finally decide on the perfect WhiteSnake quote to start this blog?!?......

Greetings..... I am the Mole!

And although I am not entirely alone (there are a bunch of great guys in this years AC group line-up, see below) I do find myself at this second sitting (alone) in a Arizona Hotel Suite (albeit an AmeriSuite) getting ready for yet another Big Rock Show Alice Cooper Tour, typing away at 6:06 am, and missing the family which has recently been upgraded from "couple & baby" to "Roxie Super Cult" with the addition of one Natashia Grace, born on May 9th, 2005. Welcome to the world Natashia!! papa's gotta spilt for the next 7 months....

Now before you start getting all "concerned" and feeling sorry for the guy that has to leave his newly expanded family and be away for the better part of the next year, STOP right there! Cause like I said many times before....this is one of the best jobs I could ever ask for. There are not many out there that get to see the world the way I get to see it, meet the amazing people that inhabit it (a.k.a. YOU!), or be able to afford to take the time off in between tours. I always said that if I ever bitch about having the life I've been able to live, then punch me! (Well, don't really punch me, I'm too vain for that you know!).....Besides, when I think about all the brave men and women that are serving in the Armed Forces that have no choice but to be away from their families for MUCH longer time periods and under MUCH worse conditions, it puts everything into perspective. Oh yeah, that and the fact that they have to dodge f#*%king bullets......

So don't feel so bad for me, rather just take a second to think a hopeful thought for the guys and gals stationed somewhere they don't really wanna be (let's be honest, at this point even the biggest of war-mongers didn't still think we'd be considered "occupiers"), and hope that they can come home soon..... I've stated before, these blogs are like my therapy, so basically you can consider yourself a psychological voyeur.....happy? Well I feel much better now, and ready to talk about the business at hand. "So much time and so little to do".....strike that and reverse it (thank you Willy Wonka for helping me invent my own language!).....just what IS going on in the world of Camp Roxie?

For those of you that are on the fast track and just want 7 facts (didn't have 77 of them) ya go:

1. Moved to Sweden with the family
2. Had a baby girl
3. Finished a new Alice Cooper record called "Dirty Diamonds" coming out this summer
4. Gonna be touring with AC until Dec.
5. Have a new line of Roxie77 merch that will be available at the shows and on the Roxie77 website
6. Starting a "Pod-Cast" called "Roxie's Big Rock Show"
7. Will do my best to have a new R77 cd completed by early-mid '06

And for those of you that can't get enough of my garrulous banter, here is the long form:

1. The move to Sweden........well, the most asked question so far has been "How is Svvvwwweeeedeen?" and all I can easily answer the question by saying...."I don't know......"
Honestly, I don't think I'll be able to give Sweden a fair judgment until we live through one or two of the crazy "dark periods" which basically happens from Nov-Feb. I was lucky enough to travel back and forth to the States so I've only really spent a little over 2 1/2 months there so far......I will tell you this though, it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world and in my heart I know we did the right thing by making the move.....we'll get back to this question in about 2 years and see then, shall we?

2. Little Natashia Grace is just amazing....if you would like to go see any pictures of her, you can go to the myspace website and search on ryan roxie, or just click on the link at the bottom of this email. Lennon has been waaaaayyy more then cool to her and he even blesses her when she sneezes......"Mama, Papa, Lennon, NaTASHIA......friends!"....that is one of Lennon's favorite quotes, and it breaks our hearts every-time he says it....

3. We finished writing and recording the new Alice Cooper CD entitled "Dirty Diamonds".......If "the Eyes" was a return to more of the "garage" sound, think of "Diamonds" as the "tool shed"!.... It actually has a larger spectrum of music on it as far as styles go. You can hear the influences of all the Alice characters and voices on this record. It's heavy, light, pop, and rock n' roll all at the same time. Very few artists are allowed to make records these days that have as many styles as this one has on it. Alice is in a unique position to to that. Mostly thanks to all you "Sick Things" out there...

And judging from some of the fan forum reviews, the response has been very good so far. Heyyyy.....just HOW did you get that copy!??! ..... Well, if you downloaded it for free, next time you see me, just slide me 1 dollar and give me "the look" and we'll both know and move on with our lives.....! And you think I'm joking...? ha!

4. The dates for the new Alice Cooper Dirty Diamonds Tour are forever!....get it?...So one way or another I'm sure we will be playing either your local stadium or civic center in the coming year. And don't think for a second that we are not going to surprise you with this years set list. All I can say is break out the kleenex, and your bic lighters, it's acoustic ballad time baby!!....The new stage set is right out of a Paris graveyard complete with a purple velvet coffin.....and.......Leeeeyyyy Guuuuuiioootttiiinnne!!! You'll also experience "the Piece".....Piece of Mind? Piece of Crap? Piece......Killer Dude, Killer....ooops, have I given away another clue perhaps.....??!!

This years line up features on guitar, on bass, your humble host on guitar just like an unexpected herpes's the RETURN of on drums!! ...And, oh yeah....the guy with the funny eye make-up that keeps us all employed on lead vocals. Please feel free to check out all the guys individual websites.....Alice even has his own website, although he looks a little like a baby deer when he stares into my Macintosh screen....Infact check out the website for a list of dates. I think we might also have them posted at the roxie77 website under the "special offer" link which offers yet another year of guitar/bass lessons with the good people over at IMG.

5. When you say Roxie77 swag, can you say...."Coin Purse!?!?!" yeah yeah yeah.....ya don't have to be an 80 year old man to enjoy the wonders and amazement of your very own R77 coin purse. Plus we have an all new "Pan-Am" logo style R77 halter shirt available for all the ladies and cross-dressers out there....AND back by popular demand, the return of the R77 Wonka Shirt.....All that along with plenty of shrink-wrapped copies of Roxie77's debut cd: Peace, Love & Armageddon.....check out the website or email me to see the styles and prices. And if you know that you are coming to the big rock show and know that you want some Roxie swag, drop me an email and we'll arrange a drop-off/pick-up point (just like an Argentinean kidnapping/ ransom money scenario!)

6. "Coming to you somewhere between Stockholm and Sweden, It's ROXIE'S BIG ROCK SHOW.....'cause wherever you are is the place to be...." Yeah I stole the quote from Damon, sue me (actually, please don't sue me Warner Brothers, you'll probably win!)......In case you haven't heard about the next big new thing, just ask the 12 year old kid that lives next door. You know, the same kid that turned you on to text messaging and using the word "bounce" instead of just "leaving". After he explains that the next big thing(s) are Jessica Simpsons breasts in the "new" Dukes of Hazzard movie (although you'll always be a sucker for 'ol school Catherine Bach as Daisy), he'll probably tell ya Pod-Casting baby, Pod Casting.....think of it as TiVo for your iPod. (If you have to ask yourself what an iPod is, then just skip this section....(you'll figure it out as soon as you realize that programming a VCR is futile!).....Pod Casting will allow you to download a biweekly (let's hope) "big rock show" starring your humble host. I'll be pulling favors from all the cast of characters I've been able to meet over the years, and bring you their stories as well as their music. I will also of course play music from the 104 bands that I have been a part of over the years as well....Stay tuned to the web site or the website for the launch date info. One thing for sure, of all the pod-casts that are out there today, Roxie's Big Rock Show will be one of them!

7. How the hell can I introduce a new line of swag without even a new line of music written??....(Silk-screening baby, that's how!).....but that being said, I have been and will continue to be writing songs for the next R77 record which I plan on recording as soon as the "Dirty Diamonds last Forever" '05Tour is wrapped up....Do something memorable at one of the shows and maybe it will show up on the next R77 album in the form of a song....BUT!!! and I DO mean BUT: Think "Madonna & Brittany" not "John Hinkly Jr.".....thank you.

So that about wraps it up for this pre-tour to the world down-under to hang out with The Divinyls and eat tons of Vegimite off of Natalie Imbruglia's we come Australia.....don't hate us because of our us for our bland accents!

And to ALL the rest of you good souls out there that have stood by the 'ol Moles prose, thank you, and I hope to hear from you by dropping by the website, or MySpace, or seeing ya out there with your "mole" banners that always put a smile on my face! You ALL have been soooo supportive in participating in this circus. And it's my personal goal to get the word out this year that "It's not what you are on the inside, it's what you look like on the outside!" Strike that, reverse it!.....thanks a lot Willy Wonka..(again..)!!!

See you good people soon!

Enjoy the noise......

Roxie a.k.a. The Mole.......

Points of Interest:

Due to All Spam-fighting software out there, you will notice that there are very few (if any) hyperlinks in this email.....that means that in order to track the links down you will have to do the 'ol school copy-paste thing with the names and add your own www. sooooo...... the links for me would be:

Also, some super crazed R77'ers have started a chat group over at:

check it all out and if this blog entertained you, turn on a friend!.....

Good Luck in your search and hope to hear from ya soon.....!

This is our world, our time, and our place....we can pay tribute to the
past, and speculate about the future, but the only thing for sure is RIGHT make the most of it. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is uncertain,
today you shine.....If you're going to heaven, congratulations...if you're
going straight to hell, you might as well enjoy the ride....R77

Sunday, April 03, 2005



None of us are perfect.

We all have scars, lines, stretch marks, moles, & birthmarks that stare us back in the mirror daily to remind us of how imperfect we actually are.

Our teeth are too big, too small, or some that are missing… We have too much or too little hair in all the wrong places. Our feet stink, our breath is bad, and our underarms smell.

Our bodies sag and bloat in certain areas so much so that we shove plastic bags in ourselves to correct it, or insert hoses into our bodies to vacuum the imperfectness out.

Those of us with straight hair, wish it had body. Those of us who are curly… flat irons.

We use dye, make-up, and perfumes to change, cover-up, and disguise what we really are like.

Some of us can only see far away, some only see close up. Some of us can’t see at all.

We inject ourselves with ink in a painful process called tattooing to celebrate our unique individuality. Yet, more often then not, our expression of “uniqueness” is picked from a wall or stolen from this week’s favorite MTV/ESPN/Cooking Channel Pop Star….(or maybe it was just a drunken weekend down in Cabo San Lucas.)

We love the opposite sex. We love the same sex. We love sex period! Some of us even love sex with animals……(excluding the Giraffe….that which I have not yet seen… yet…)

Some of us eat too much. Some of us eat too little. Some of us eat so much that we make ourselves throw-up and end up dying of starvation.

We pierce, we peel, we pluck, and we paint ourselves for what??? To be loved and accepted by someone who is plucked and painted to our specifications?

And I’m just “scratching the surface” (get it?)…..these are the things that we feel are imperfect on the OUTSIDE of our bodies….!! What about the insides? Our minds, our souls, ourSELVES?

I’m gonna stop right there, cause the minute I start talking about what goes on in peoples heads is the minute I start writing my own self-help book…..and I figured that self-help books were supposed to be for one’s SELF!!

Put the SELF Help industry out of business by everyone going and writing their OWN SELF-help book. What works for John Doe ain’t necessarily gonna work for Jen X. Spend some time to figure out what it is that makes you a positive influence in this world instead of letting someone (or something) spoon feed you their agenda.

And I guess that’s my point….

Do whatever you want to with yourselves and your bodies….
Doll yourself up. Smell like a rose. Electrolyses every follicle of hair off your pimply ass…..but don’t do it cause the T.V. said to “just do it”.

Be an individual on your own terms, not a statistical demographic from a nationwide ad campaign.

Love what you do to yourself. Don’t do things to yourself in hopes of others loving you any more or any less.

Regardless of how you think you look, there is someone who desperately wishes they could have what you feel needs to be altered or changed. Don’t feel guilty about it; just realize it once in awhile.

And if I were to write a self-help book….it would be about a sentence long:

“Take the time to figure out your own SELF. No matter how dumb we act from time to time, we are ALL smart enough to figure ourselves out…besides is there anyone else that you have spent more time with in your life other then yourself? Answer: no one” THE END

Edward James Almos and Bryan Adams were screen and pop star idols despite their scarred faces. Cindy Crawford makes millions because of a brown, hairy (just guessing) birthmark prominently displayed right above her lip. Christy Canyon will go down in porn star history not for her acting ability, but for her huge saggy tits. Madonna, J-Lo, and Prince are all megalomaniac bitchy short people….who cares?

We are all perfect.

…..except for those of you having sex with giraffes…..go get some fuckin’ help……

JJ King

PS: If you enjoyed this, send it to friend and turn ‘em on to this link…… Roxie77 Blog Spot
Rome wasn’t built in a day, and this blog site sure ain’t the Vatican……cheers!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A Mole Special Report: L.A. vs. Stockholm....Eternal Sunshine or Never ending Winter?....hmmmm

This just in!!!: For those of you that have been receiving my emails from my Dizney77 AOL account, you can now reach me 24-7 at: Thanks for making the switch! And now back to your regularly scheduled program....

Greetings to The R77 Street Teamers and AC Camp Worldwide,

I am the Mole!

"Life has a way of changing Life the way you planned it...." Isn't that a quote from Forest Gump or the last fortune cookie you opened up?'s a line taken from a new Roxie77 song and couldn't be more apropos to what's going on in my world at the moment....and possible yours too.

I sit here writing to you all from Orlando, Florida....days before me and the family embark on one of the most unconventional "experiments" in my life. Yes, "The Move" that I spoke of in the last installment of the Mole Reports is about ready to take place, and I couldn't be more terrifyingly excited about the outcome. But maybe it's not so much about the final result as it is more about enjoying the moments that lead up to the outcome, let me explain.....

Since the last time we've met on the 'ol computer screen the top 5 things that have taken place in my small rectangle of a world. We have:

1. Witnessed one of the most devastating natural disasters in recorded history with the Indian Ocean Tsunami tragedy. Blink, and a quarter-million peoples lives are lost and countless others forever changed. One of the best suggestions that I have heard is to mark your calendars one year or even two years from now because that's when the people of these affected countries are really gonna need our financial help. There are many good organizations doing great things to help the situation and if you search them out on the Internet and are able to contribute even just a little, the right organization doing the right thing will find you.

2. Lost lord knows how many more men and women fighting in a war that was once based on W.M.D's and now seemingly more about someone else's democracy. I'm not gonna sit here and spew my political views, you know me better then that. But I can only hope that the troops now serving overseas can come back to their own lives in the U.S. as soon as possible. There is this misconception that if you are not backing this war in Iraq, you are not backing the troops. Simply not true. In-fact, it's the contrary. I know how brave, courageous, and dedicated our troops our to this country (a hell of a lot braver then my generation that was lucky enough never to have been sent to war) because I've talked to them and heard their stories. I can only hope you can do the same and seek out a solider and hear their take. Their words paint a different landscape (both better and worse) of what's really going on there rather then what we are spoon fed daily through the media. And I'm not suggesting a cut and run policy, rather a realistic time line to send our armed forces home that will show the world that our country doesn't want to be the "occupiers" we have been labeled....whoops, there I go spewing my political views.... sorry, damn, move on.... to lighter things.....

3. Seen the New England Patriots legitimately become the "dynasty" team they rightfully deserve to be called.....For those of you outside the U.S., I'm talkin' football.....the one NOT played with the round ball kind of football....And for all the face painting chowder head R77'ers up in the North East still walking around shirtless and drunk in sub-degree weather, just remember who you have to thank for starting your cute little "dynasty"....That's right, the beloved Oakland Raiders and a little 'ol play a couple of years back called the "tuck rule snowball miracle"...... but I'm not bitter....I'm not bitter.......yes, I'm BITTER!!

4. Started to record the new Alice Cooper record!! Yes, and as usual, you can count on the Mole to bring you the inside scoop on the making of Alice's 408th record (has there really been that many?)..... So, ya liked the "band" concept of the Eyes?? Sure ya did, we'll this new record is taking the band sound to a new level (high or low depends on your musical tastes I guess)..... I'm really excited about the songs on this one because I feel they represent the whole spectrum of all the different styles Alice has shown through his career. There are songs on this one that recall the early psychedelic side, the straight ahead theatrical classic AC rock demigod sound, and even some that even dance around with (or sound I say mosh) the newer, heavier, dare I say it eightiesh facet of the man you have come to love as the Coop.....Only thing missing?.... No songs about golf....not just yet, I should say!

5. "__________________" Fill in the blank to what's been going on in your world as well, cause what's going on in your life is just as important as the Moles, because the Mole cares, he really cares.....(and you thought the Mole never brown-nosed! Ha! How do ya think we got such a big emailing list?!?)

With all that's happening on the front side of 2005, isn't the later half of the year gonna be boring and mundane.......what the heck ya mean?! what the heck ya mean?!....Come summertime, it's time to tour, tour, tour.......and don't think that I haven't been keeping an eye out on some new countries and cities that we haven't played yet (can you say Iceland?? Bjork, we come!...and there she goes...) well as all the "usual suspect" places that never disappoint......So keep an Eye out for the AC summer camp tour as it rolls on into your head-space and plays music from the future....!! Soooo Pauly Shore just now...who??

For all of you " R77 street teamers" out there that have ordered the Roxie 77 debut CD" Peace, Love & Armageddon" on the website or where ever else fine music is sold, we thank you from the bottom of our empty pockets...! ha! Seriously, you guys have been such a great source of inspiration that we might have to start recording another album as soon as this next AC tour wraps up....As soon as I can figure out the rehearsal schedule (the guys live in L.A., I'll be living in Sweden....maybe we'll have to call rehearsals in N.Y.C!!).....Because of your kind adoration of the 'ol R77 at the past Coop shows (i.e.. all the "wonka shirts" and Mole signs), there are some promoters out there that would like to see Roxie77 come around and play a mini big rock soon as we get stuffed finalized, you KNOW I'll be typing away begging and graveling for your street team support....

So away we go......Thank you L.A. for being a constant reminder that anything is possible in this life.....where else can a middle class kid who comes from the suburbs, meet the girl of his dreams who comes from half way around the world, then lands a job playing guitar for one of his rock n' roll idols, which then affords him the opportunity to move to Europe and raise his family the best way he can .....?? Only in Los Angeles, baby....I might have cursed you once or twice (depending on just how much attitude or traffic you threw my way) but guess what? You treated me right L.A.....and I will forever be grateful to you....You turned "the boy into the man" but because of the good times and "second chances" you've given me, I've still remained the boy to much of the extent....Ahhhh....gettin' all sappy are ya?...Don't say it, Don't say it!....Damn, I'm gonna say it....Damn you Randy Newman!!! "I Love L.A!!!............

But I think I'm gonna love Stockholm too....

Until we meet again, on the road or in the wonderful world of cyberspace....

Peace, Love and The SI Swimsuit Issue.....

- the Mole a.k.a. Roxie

And Remember: For those of you that have been receiving my emails from my Dizney77 AOL account, you can now reach me 24-7 at: Thanks for making the switch!


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or get to know the main man at

If you wanna read up on the past Mole posts feel free to go here: Roxie77 Blog Spot

Feel free to pass this on to anyone else in the free universe (free for now that is!!)....

Peace, Love, and Armageddon..... the new CD!

This is our world, our time, and our place....we can pay tribute to the
past, and speculate about the future, but the only thing for sure is RIGHT make the most of it. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is uncertain,
today you shine.....If you're going to heaven, congratulations...if you're
going straight to hell, you might as well enjoy the ride....R77

Enjoy the noise....