Monday, April 05, 2004

Roxie 77 at the HOB Sunset Strip this Wed. April 7th

Every once in a while there comes a Wednesday night that means more then just the Chapelle/Jon Stewart Daily show marathon,and this coming Wed. April 7th 2004 could be just the type of night we are talkin' about!

The good people over that the House of Blues have invited Roxie 77 to play with some of our No. Cal heroes, Y & T. The night will be filled with Black Tigers, Lipstick & Leather, and plenty of Alcohol....and those are just some of THEIR tunes....

A lot has happened since the last time Roxie 77 got kicked out of the 'ol HOB.....ya see, we finished our debut CD entitled PEACE, LOVE & ARMAGEDDON and will be playing all the R77 hits and teenage folk anthems come Wed. night..(what did that megalomaniac ass just type?!?)

We know it's pretty short notice, but let's be honest, JET is already sold out and you can be rest assured you will not be hearing Brown Sugar or Suffragette City for the 1001th time at a Roxie 77 show....or will you?!

So that's our pitch....... sign the fax and call up a baby-sitter. Or better yet come out and try to make a baby at the beautiful House of Blues on the Sunset Strip, Wed. April 7th with your friends, Roxie 77. And remember, we love you.....we really love you

Peace, Love, and Matt Sorum,

Roxie 77