Tuesday, August 26, 2003

So it's been awhile.....sue me!

Hello to all out there.....thought I might have forgotten about you?? No wayyy....I just think that a few of you out there might have forgotten about little ol me,.....I am the mole!!

So I'm back to tell you thanks for all the support that you AC fanatics gave us on the first leg of the Bare Bones Tour 2003.....are ya ready for more?! We sure are, and be rest assured, we'll be playing a bunch of new ones off the upcoming release, The Eyes of Alice Cooper...... by now you probably know more about the release dates and tour dates then I do.....you see, I've been working my mole ass off (yes, we moles have butts) trying to get this Roxie 77 album finished in time to take it with me on the next leg of the AC tour so you all will have twice the music for your listening pleasure.....so wish me luck as I venture on back into the studio to tweak and knob turn till my fingers bleed....I bleed for you!!

Long live Rock and the eternal dream of the big rock show! see you out there friends!

aka the mole!