Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Roxie 77 buys YOU dinner~'s February 2004 people.....and I am still the Mole!

What's gonna happen? Who's gonna shine? Who's gonna be wrapped up in saga (not the band Saga, although tonight we ARE on the loose!) It's's always late when I write these cathartic, therapeutic and ultimately enjoyable prose ... and before I start coming off a little too pretentious, let me start telling you how things REALLY are ...

I'm in my underwear actually, two Corona's in, listening to my iPod (yep, I lost the battle with technology, it kicked my ass, and now I'm gonna try and do everything to NOT be the parent that can't program the VCR!) I've got a mix tape playing that I made a few years ago, and I still love every song on it!....that's quite a feat, but I made sure that I put only the songs that really made me slide from side to side and want to dance (even though, being a white guy from the suburbs, I can't and ultimately realize I'll never really be able to dance) Bands like: Happy Mondays, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Air, Charlatans matter how white, black, brown or purple you are, you'll be swayin' like Beyonce' and Riki Martin rolling on E in no time!...

So what's the deal? Well, I want the world to dance ... and by dance I don't mean some corny Paula Abdul choreographed music video...I'm talking about moving that body (skinny, fat, perfect, fucked ... don't matter!) by feeling the music that makes you feel stoned without being stoned....makes ya happy just cause it comes on your stereo during shuffle mode ... makes ya horny, 'cause that's what certain songs do ... and get this ... it doesn't even have to be something that I've played on! I want people to be able to smile, think, and get lost in the bands' and their own reality ALL at the same time if that's even possible.

But how does all this nonsense get you free dinner? Simple ... get the Roxie 77 CD into the hands of Nick Hornby, and I buy YOU a well-balanced meal that will represent the 4-basic food groups. (Unless, you're Vegan, then I'll buy ya a block of Tofu...) Who the hell is Nick Hornby your asking yourself? For those of you that might not know, Nick Hornby is one of the best Authors of our times. He writes the type of stuff that do the equivalent of what I was talking about earlier in the email about smiling, thinkin', and getting lost in someone else's reality...but he does it with words instead of music. It just so happens that his new book, Songbook, makes Mr. Hornby not only my favorite writer, but now my favorite music critic (no, a musician having a favorite music critic is NOT an oxymoron!)

So what if Nick Hornby simply hates Roxie 77? Won't all my dreams be crushed? And worse even, no free dinner? NOPE, the good news is that either way, whether he trashes or treasures Roxie 77, you, the good person that got the music into his head gets the grub! So go on and accept the challenge and hopefully I'll be getting an e-mail from Mr. Hornby informing me that, "the good people over at Roxie 77 have been incessant in their quest to have me take a listen to the music. Oh, and yes, I'll be using it in my new movie, but please, please just stop harassing me"... Can't you almost taste the chicken tikka marsala now???

good luck,
this blog entry will self-destruct in 5 seconds....

The Mole