Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The Mole Speaks! Rumors, Speculation, and Flat Out Lies....anything but the Truth!

The Mole Speaks! Rumors, Speculation, and Flat Out Lies....anything but the Truth!

Greetings to Roxie 77 & AC faithful worldwide, I am the Mole~!

"It's been long time.....since the 'Novocain' wore off"......it's time for another shot! See?, just combined both worlds (and songs) and pretty much brought ya'll up to speed with the state of our unions....

It's spring/summer (it's always something/summer here in L.A.) in the year 2004 and the road is calling our name yet again.....or is it that damn telemarketer I just hung up on again? Hmmmm....

Yes, Yes, your true American idol/my boss, AC, has decided to dust off the snake (no sexual puns intended, the snake really does get filthy), call the oversized balloon company (again, no innuendoes), slap on the Leathers (well I guess I've dug myself a hole) and take the "Eye's of Alice Cooper" tour out on the road for a rock n' roll road trip that will take us to places we've never played, and places that are about as familiar to us as our mama's womb.....God, that was creepy!

Sooooooo......Who's in? Check the dates at www.alicecooper.com
and let me know which show your coming to and what songs you want to hear, because this tour we decided to cater each show to YOUR every whim.....What? Who do you think we are?? (Special Forces in an armored car?) That last sentence would definitely fall into the Flat Out Lies section of this email title. But seriously, as we all know, the final set list is ultimately decided by the man with the funny eye make-up....still, the mole would love to hear what your "fantasy rock-show" favorites would be...who knows, maybe we WILL play the entire side 2 of DaDa.....yeah right!

It's hard to believe that I am now the senior-veteren of all the "Guys of Alice Cooper" on this current tour. What started out as a 1-time "greatest hits" tour back in '96 has given me a lifetime of memories and I figure that it's all of you that have allowed me to remain employed for much longer then even my overoptimistic mind figured....to quote Celione Dion-"I just wanted to thank you, really thank you, for letting me play for you...merci...merci!" Oh my god, I just quoted Celion Dion!!!! I must be losing my f@#%ing mind! So before I start plagiarizing Michael Bolton let me tell you who is in this years line up:

Alice Cooper- as Alice Cooper

Chuck Garric- aka Chuck #2 according to some....actually, just one. Check out Chucks world at www.chuckgarric.com

Eric Dover-The X factor, and one of my favorite guitarists I've ever played with. If you aren't getting enough Sextus, you should at www.sextus.com

Ryan Roxie- enough about me, let's talk about me!.....me, me, me, me,.....allright, allright, calm down....It's not Iike I've tried to brainwash you or anything, but just in case it hasn't worked.....come to me....come to me at www.roxie77.com

And Ladies & Gentleman.....or should I just say Ladies.......the "new guy" on the drums:

Tommy Clufetos....or Tommy C (the "C" stands for Kick Ass)! He's young, strong, and good-looking and above all....he has the Eye of the Tiger......better that then the Ass of a Baboon.....for more info on Tommys Eyes and Ass check him out at www.tommyclufetos.com

So that should keep ya busy for about 15 minutes....thus giving us ours.... Man, the mole is on fire today!!!

How does this Cooper Tour affect your insatiable need for the R77 you might ask yourself? Then again, you might NOT ask yourself that and so I'll ask it for you! Well.......there are some really cool, and really big (well semi-big....maybe med. large.....definitely bigger then mini) things going on over at camp Roxie 77 and I figure if you can't come to the Rock.....the Rock will come to you! (not the actor....did I say actor? I meant wrestler....he's both now??! How did that happen?)
What I mean to say is, the OFFICIAL release of R77's Peace, Love & Armageddon will be available for you by the time I get to shake your hand backstage or in some seedy parking lot. Stay on top of the the Roxie 77 website for upcoming info explaining how to purchase, win, or steal your copy of the Official CD....and once again, for those of you that bought the Limited Edition version, we salute you.

Are ya ready for another Cooper Tour? I know we are....Chuck Garric and myself have once again teamed up with IMG (Internet Musicians Group) to offer the Guitar/Bass Lessons program that we did the last tour. It was a huge success, so if you are interested click on IMG's official link for more info: http://www.designbydroid.com/img/img.html

So that's about it for now.....and oh yeah, did I mention.....a new Alice Album in the works!!??!! It's looking like a return to the sleazy, swanky & slimy Alice Cooper even more so then even "The Eyes" was. More of a "road record" then any I've ever made with him, you guys are gonna have a direct effect on the riffs, subject matter and energy of the new tunes....so when we come to your local amphitheater or hof brau make sure we hear ya!!

Until we meet again...

Peace, Love & The Eyes of Alice Cooper 2004!

The Mole
aka Roxie

P.S. For a collection of past "Mole" news & gossip feel free to visit the Roxie77 Blog Spot at: