Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Mole Returns: The 2nd leg of The Eyes of Alice Cooper 2004

Greetings to the good people in the world of AC and R77-

I am the Mole! and like the Beatle's song goes, we're "Back in the US, Back in the US, Back in the USofA....!"

But before we close the book out on the European Leg #1 of this years tour, I just want to give a deep and heartfelt thanks to all the European audiences that came out and supported the Cooper band at all the shows and festivals. You guys made this years tour one of the most memorable and enjoyable runs of Europe in years. YOU were the ones that stood out in the rain and lightning storms braving the elements just to get into a venue that was 101 degrees and felt like you were watching the band play the Sun. YOU were the ones that made the signs, bought the T-shirts, only to have it destroyed by festival mud or Calico blood! And YOU were the ones that stuck around after the shows to wish us luck and support in our own projects such as Roxie 77, Sextus, and the Druts. For all these reasons, the Mole loves Europe, and for even more reasons, the Mole might be an honorary European in the coming years.....one never knows, does one?

So that leads us to Round 2 of the Alice Cooper heavy weight tour 2004, and today the Mole finds himself looking outside a hotel window overlooking the Detroit/Windsor...US/Canadian borders....You gotta love Canada....with the $$ exchange, one feels just a "little" bit richer...(30% richer to be exact!).....
So far we have had some really cool "family reunion" style crowds.... and it seems that some of you out there would choose a handful of Alice Cooper road shows rather then packin' up the kids and going to visit the Carlsbad Caverns! (where are those Caverns, anyway?? Anyone wanna take a guess?) We thank you for making the Alice Cooper Big Rock Show your summer getaway......even if it wasn't your first choice!.....
So yes, we have been enjoying seeing a few familiar faces on any given string of shows....it means alot that you travel with us, just save up enough for the eventual cab ride home......

Other big news that might just slip through the cracks if you didn't have the Mole here to mop up the decks of gossip......We now have an official Alice Cooper Softball team comprising of The big guy himself, AC band mates, crew, and even upper-middle management......talk about a team effort! The only thing we don't officially have is a name...any suggestions?.....feel free to email the Mole at the address below.... We are ready and set to play any Radio station, convalescent home, or Hooters restaurant that feels they got a shot at playing the big guns of AC....

And in Huge Roxie77 news.....the Official Release of the debut Cd: Peace,Love & Armageddon is set for it's Internet release in August. There will be special "on tour" incentives and limited-time offers that will become available through out the Summer and Fall AC tour. There will even be a special limited run Roxie77 "wonka-shirt" available to those that come out to the big rock shows.....just drop in on the site from time to find out what the skinny is.

So where does that leave you?? What do ya mean we're not playing your home-town?? What do ya mean ya can't convince your sister-in-law to loan you bus fare out to The Soboba Casino in San Jacinto...(yes folks, this is an actually show!)....?? and What do ya mean you're still waiting outside the Mall of Americas in search of that ever-elusive autograph to don your torn/faded copy of Billion Dollar Babies??...... With the Mole here, you're never too far away from where the real AC action.....and let me tell you, with some of these Poker pots that we have had going in the back of the bus, there is real 25 cent action going down!....If you wanna read up on the past Mole posts feel free to go here: Roxie77 Blog Spot http://roxie77.blogspot.com/

And if you ARE coming to any of the future 1001 Alice shows that will be played in the next months, please let the Mole know that you are out there......not a single "Mole" sign have I read...even though my eyes are not that well (being a Mole and all!)....think of yourself belonging to a secret society of sorts....one that is not so dissimilar to that of The Skull & Bones......we shall be known as The Eye's & Moles....and we shall wait in eager anticipation until Alexandra Robbins writes about us as well!

This is the Mole going back underground......see you in the trenches of Rock n' Roll!!!

Peace, Love, & Secret Societies-

The Mole

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